Advice: What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Well, we figure since it’s December the winter wedding brides probably have what they’re wearing all figured out (if not, check out “ships today” wedding dresses here), but for the wedding guests? What to wear to that rapidly approaching winter wedding might not be quite as crystal clear. But we’re here to help.

Summer weddings, of course are so much easier – a cute little sleeveless dress and some pretty strappy heels, and done! But winter weddings come with their own challenges – colder air, moving from one location to another in various forms of precipitation (stilettos in snow? Ugh!). Anytime we dress up there’s always the likelihood that we’ll be sacrificing some level of comfort, but the truth is you can be totally season-appropriate and look fabulous for that winter wedding!

Some dresses we like (pictured above, left to right):

Enzoani Love D35-D

Kathy Ireland KI1345

Kathy Ireland 2BE008

Watters Iris 2258

Just slip into one of these with a fab pair of peep toes (maybe Dyeables’ “Sari”, a pretty but sturdier style than say a strappy stiletto) and a wrap or jacket and voila! You’re winter wedding ready!

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