Pageant Trends, Miss America 2014 Edition

Miss America 2014 finalistsOkay pageant girls, if the Miss America 2014 evening gown competition is any indication, we’re seeing a definite pageant gown trend – we’ll call it “pageant minimalism”. An oxymoron? Maybe, but there it is.

Sure there was still plenty of sparkle and glitz to go around, but upon reviewing the evening gowns of the top contestants of the evening, we’re seeing a less-is-totally-more approach. Take Miss America 2014 – the fabulous Miss New York, Nina Davuluri – for example. Instead of an intricate glittering gown that shouts “look at me!” we have a perfectly sophisticated relatively demure dress (sleek jersey, cap sleeves, and not a sparkle in sight) in a fabulous hue that ensures we are, in fact, really looking at her. Which is exactly what a truly incredible pageant dress should do.

First runner up Miss California went the same route – simple, sleek, relatively demure and spectacular color. Hmmm. Maybe these two ladies are on to something.

So to that end, we’ve assembled a selection of perfectly understated pageant gowns that still have that wow factor (read: incredible color) that will ensure no one will forget your moment in the spotlight. Check out our slideshow below, and let us know what you think of a minimalist approach to pageant gowns in the comments![slideshow_deploy id='5855']

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