Wedding Dress Lingo: Dress Cuts

You’ll hear a lot of weird words when you look for your wedding dress. Be in the know: learn the language to make your shopping experience easier.

There are a multitude of bridal dress cuts, and here’s the list:

a-line wedding dress

A-Line or Princess: This cut compliments just about every kind of figure, from pears to apples. With a slight flare in the skirt that generally begins at the waist (but can also start higher up, near the shoulders), it hides problem areas below and gives the illusion of a slimmer waist. This cut can make any bride feel like a princess!

Empire waist wedding dress

Empire waist: Very flattering on petite women or those with a smaller chest size, empire waists are waistlines that fall right below the bust, with the rest of the dress being straight or slightly flared. This cut accentuates the top, giving you the appearance of a larger bust, and the illusion of height. It’s also great for women who are pear shaped.

ball gown wedding dress

Ball Gown: With a fitted bodice and full skirt gracing the floor, the Ball Gown will make you feel like dancing!

basque waist wedding gown

Basque Waist: With a dipped waistline that starts at your own waist or just below it, forming the shape of a U or V, the Basque waist is best on those with a larger bust since the fitted bodice top provides great support. It gives the illusion of narrower hips and a longer waist.

sheath wedding gown

Sheath: If you’ve got the body, flaunt it! The sheath cut hugs your body, highlighting your curves in usually a lighter fabric. This cut usually also features a detachable train, making it a great dress for the service and the reception. Great for hourglass figures.

trumpet wedding dress

Mermaid, Fishtail or Trumpet: This cut is very similar to a sheath, but is almost always long, covering the entire leg. The top is fitted and a flair exists just below the knee.

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