Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Browse through the hundreds of wedding gowns available at any bridal shop, and you’ll notice that an overwhelming majority are sleeveless or with delicate spaghetti straps. Shoulder-baring dresses are extremely popular, but they just aren’t for you. Here are some reasons for preferring a long sleeve wedding gown:

  • Your wedding may be scheduled in fall or winter, when the extra warmth of sleeves will be needed, especially if you’re going to get some photos taken outside!
  • You don’t like the look of your arms and prefer to hide them.
  • Bare shoulders and arms are too risque, especially because of your background.
  • Your wedding will be very formal, and sleeveless dresses look too casual.

Types of Long Sleeves
Long sleeves refers only to the length, and there are a number of shapes that are available.

forever yours wedding dress

Forever Yours Wedding Dress 4525 with Lacy Fitted Sleeves

Fitted Sleeves
The sleeves are tailored to fit snugly to the contours of your arms.

Leg of Mutton Sleeves
Sleeves that are loose and puffy from the shoulder to the elbow, then fit snugly for the rest of the length to the wrist. Very Victorian!

Juliet Sleeves
Similar to Leg of Mutton sleeves, but only the very top part of the sleeve, at the shoulders, is puffy. Another classical style.

venus wedding dress

Venus Wedding Dress W258 with Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves
Sleeves that are fitted up to the elbow, then flare out. Usually made of a softer material.

angelina faccenda wedding dress

Angelina Faccenda Wedding Dress 1065 with Three Quarter Sleeves

Three Quarter Sleeves
This is considered “long” since it goes past the elbow, but ends inches above the wrist, in the middle of the forearm. A good compromise, don’t you think? Three quarter refers to the length, rather than the style.