5 Ways to Keep Your Strapless Wedding Dresses Up

venus pallas athena wedding dress

Venus Pallas Athena Wedding Dresses - Style PA9003 Strapless pleated asymmetric waist in organza overlay. Rosette cabbage style flower with crystal accent center. Cathedral train. Lace back

Strapless wedding dresses are the most popular type of wedding dress styles to wear. They’re sexy, fashionable and can be easily paired with a jacket or shawl without looking dowdy. Unfortunately, if your wedding is the first time you’ll be wearing a strapless dress of any kind, you should be aware of this:

venus pallas athena wedding dress

Venus Pallas Athena Wedding Dresses - Style PA9987 Sweetheart empire bodice with rhinestone medallion accent. Cascading layered skirt with trumpet bottom. Chapel train. Lace up back

One of the biggest complaints from brides regarding their strapless wedding dress is that they spend a lot of their day hiking the dress up. Since the dress has no straps, the only thing that keeps it from falling down is how well the upper portion clings to the body. Ill-fitting gowns will slowly slide down throughout the day, or yank down if the skirt is accidentally stepped on. To avoid a very embarrassing situation, make sure your strapless adheres to the following rules:

1. The upper portion must be well fitted. Whether a structured bodice or fluid dress with an elasticized neckline, you must try on your strapless wedding dress well before the big day to see if it fits right. Do this in the presence of a tailor who’ll be able to expertly measure and adjust the dress to perfectly fit your body. The tailor may need to take in your dress, and this requires time.

2. Wear a strapless bra that provides great support and also fits you well. A good bra that provides great support is vital if you’re going strapless. You may even want to consider wearing a full bustier/corset instead of just a bra, since the dress may be hooked onto it.

3. Consider attaching your bra to your wedding dress. This can only be done by a tailor, who’ll be able to sew the bra onto the dress to make it a single piece.

4. Use fashion tape.

5. The waist should be snug, if it’s possible to alter it without ruining the overall look of the dress. A narrower waist will stop anything from sliding down.

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