Flower Girl Dresses For Older Girls

tiffany flower girl dress

Tiffany Flower Girl Dress - Style 13232 Thick spaghetti strapped, V-necked, Lame ball gown. Features a pickup skirt.

Is your flower girl a little older than the norm? The usual age for a flower girl is anywhere between four to eight years old. This is a general age range, and many weddings may have flower girls outside of it, either younger than four or older than eight. There’s no definite rule governing them, so it’s really up to you as the bride. Maybe you have a niece that really wants to take part in your wedding and wants to fill this role. Perhaps the daughter of your matron of honor, also your BFF, would be ecstatic to carry flowers for you. Or it could be possible that your own daughter just wants to do it. Whatever the reason, a girl who’s older than 8 and doesn’t want to be a junior bridesmaid is welcome to be a flower girl – after all, all eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle before you do, and she’ll most likely be the only one so she won’t have to share the spotlight! It’s a coveted position, no doubt.

tiffany flower girl dress

Watters Flower Girl Dress - Style 49207 Praline Soft Satin dress with draped body, thick straps and mocha satin ribbon at waist

The only thing you have to be concerned about in this situation, then, is to help your helper find a dress that’s right for her. You can’t go too cutesy, since she’ll be too old for that, and
you can’t go too mature or risque, since she’ll be too young for that. The flower girl dress you need to find will have to be middle ground, with elegance and femininity that’s not overstated but just perfect for her age. A suitable dress would be fashionable and keep in mind the current trends of the season, since they are at an impressionable age. The two dresses shown here are examples of what would be appropriate for older flower girls.

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