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Ah, the bridesmaid dress - and you thought selecting the perfect wedding dress was a challenge! Bridesmaid dresses are an incredibly important part of the overall look and feel of your wedding, but since there's more than one girl wearing them, the challenge is to find a balance between the dress that looks the best in your wedding vision and the dress that looks the best on all your best girlfriends! Read MoreRead Less

Fortunately, at BestBridalPrices we have an incredible selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the latest 2015 styles from all of your favorite designers, with tools that allow you to sort by style, fabric, price and more - so you can find exactly what you're looking for to make your wedding vision a reality. Don't know where to start? Some things to think about while shopping for your perfect bridesmaid dress:

Color: So you've picked the perfect color theme for your wedding, but keep in mind that while bridesmaid dresses usually come in a wide range of hues, every designer is different - some offer more options than others, and one designer's "eggplant" may be very different from another's. If you have a very specific color in mind (hot options for 2015 bridesmaid dresses include gorgeous greens - from mint to emerald - and soft muted neutrals), start by finding designers who offer that color and then shop dresses from there.

Budgets: As we all know, everyone has a budget - and while your bridesmaids might not speak up (because they know it's YOUR day) you might want to check in privately with each beforehand to ensure you're looking at dresses that suit individual budgets.

Timeline: Bridesmaid dresses are special order items and so typically require approximately 12-16 weeks (and sometimes more) to order, so start shopping early! As a general rule of thumb plan to order bridesmaid dresses at least five (5) months before the wedding in order to allow ample time for delivery and alterations. If you can't avoid a short timeline check out our dresses with "Quick Delivery" options to avoid that last-minute stress.

Create An Event. To make your life - and your bridesmaids' lives - easier, BestBridalPrices will be happy to set up an "event" in our system in your name to ensure all of your bridesmaids know what to order and when. Your event will include the names of all of your bridesmaids, as well as what dress style and color you've selected. We won't place the order for the dresses until all the girls have ordered, to ensure all dresses will be from the same dye lot. If you have any questions, call your BestBridalPrices customer service representative, we'll be happy to help!

Show Your Gratitude! They've been a special part of your life and they'll be a special part of your wedding day, so we know you'll want to make sure your bridesmaids know how much they're appreciated! When budgeting, and shopping, don't forget to consider purchasing a small token of your affection for each, perhaps something they can wear on your wedding day - such as jewelry, handbag, or a pretty headpiece - or something they can enjoy later, such as a keepsake picture frame with a photo of the two of you.

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