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The Forever Frame
Style: ColoredSand
This product is no longer available.

The Forever Frame Sand - Style Colored Sand

The Forever Frame, Fall 2012. Choose from over 80 wedding sand colors. Choose colors according to your wedding, school colors, home decor, etc. Sand ceremonies are quickly replacing candle ceremonies. Unity Ceremonies are sold in 1 lb bags. If using two colors, you need two bags total to fill to the level of the Keeper Plate on the Forever Frame. Click larger image for sand colors.

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Apple Red, Azalea-Raspberry Pink, Begonia, Black, Blue Violet, Burnt Orange, Canary-Sunshine Yellow, Capri Blue, Celadon-Lettuce Green, Champagne Brown, Clover Green, Coablt Blue, Coral, Coral Red, Coral Reef, Cornflower Blue, Dark Chocolate Brown, Emerald Green, Espresso Black, Fern Green, Gold-Shimmer Brown, Golden Brown, Grey, Guava red, Hazelnut Brown, Honeydew-Pistachio Green, Hunter-Holly Green, Iris Violet, Ivory-Butter Brown, Jade Green, Key Lime Green, Kiwi Lime Green, Lapis Violet, Latte Brown, Lemon Yellow, Light Chocolate Brown, Lime Green, Magenta-Fuchsia Pink, Malibu Blue, Mango Orange, Marine-Navy Blue, Mermaid Blue, Mint, Natural Brown, Oasis Blue, Ocean Blue, Orange, Peacock, Peridot-Patina Green, Persimmon Red, Petal, Pewter-Charcoal Black, Pink Blush, Pink Chiffon, Pink Sand, Plum Violet, Pool-Turquoise Blue, Pumpkin Spice Orange, Rose Petal Pink, Royal Purple, Ruby Red, Saffron Yellow, Sangria Violet, Serene Blue, Silver Shimmer White, Sunflower Yellow, Tan Brown, Tangerine Orange, Teal Blue, Tiffany Blue, Tropic Blue, Victorian Lilac Violet, Watermelon Pink, White, Wild Orchid Purple, Wine Red, Wisteria Violet, Yellow Chiffon

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This product is no longer available.

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